Wild Zora is Going to Be On National TV!

Wild Zora is Going to Be On National TV!

February 08, 2017 1 Comment

Oh man, do we have some big news for you! We're practically pinching ourselves over here to make sure we're not dreaming. Get this: Wild Zora was chosen to be featured on an episode of HatchedTV

Hatched is a nationally syndicated TV show that connects emerging brands with successful mentors and once in a lifetime opportunities. They're all about growing consumer brands and they have chosen to mentor us in growing the Wild Zora Meat and Veggie Bar brand!

"The opportunity to be on Hatched and receive feedback from such amazing and successful entrepreneurs was mind-blowing and lends added credibility to our brand," explains Wild Zora CEO, Josh Tabin. 

Our episode of Hatched will be shown on syndicated stations across the nation throughout the month of February, so check it out! You can also click here to see local times and stations.


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March 15, 2017

Hello, I am happy to say that I just discovered your products. I am interested in trying your new pork products currently featured on our Kickstarter campaign. I know that your other products are advertised as pastured raised or free-range meats, but I did not see anything on this for the pork products. I am aware that it is challenging to raise free-range pigs. Could you respond with whether or not the pork used in your products is free-range. And whether their diet is supplemented with any soy or grain feed products.

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