Our Story:

In early 2011 our family started to learn about Gluten-Free, Paleo, and Primal food. We just didn’t feel good about feeding the typical sugary, grain-filled snacks on the market to our kids! Jerky proved no better. So many jerky snacks contain nitrites, nitrates, and MSG, and all of them are just too tough and too salty. When we’re hungry, our bodies crave lasting energy: something substantial, savory, and nutritious. Nothing on the market lived up to that standard.

Beginning in 2013, we created our own alternative. At home, we always considered meat AND vegetables a complete meal. So we started to mix and dehydrate 100% grass-fed beef from a local rancher along with fresh vegetables from our garden.  We discovered that we could make super tasty meat and veggie snacks that our family really enjoyed!

Our kids started sharing our beef and veggie snacks with their friends at school. Soon many of our friends insisted we start a business to sell them. We listened! We now make our meat and veggie bars in our own fully USDA-certified kitchen just outside Fort Collins, Colorado.

Four years after launching our first products, Zora met Dawn Anderson, Co-Founder of Paleo Meals To Go at a networking group in Northern Colorado for women entrepreneurs. It didn’t take long to discover there was a lot of synergy regarding our company goals and missions: we were a small, family business making dehydrated snacks from real meat & vegetables -- they were a small family business making dehydrated whole meals from real meat & vegetables. Partnering with Paleo Meals to Go was an obvious choice when we decided to expand our product line; their commitment to using only real food ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives aligned perfectly with our mission and our existing customer base. So in early 2018 Wild Zora acquired Paleo Meals To Go, and now together we’re providing healthy, tasty, and convenient snacks AND meals to consumers across the country.

Our Vision:

We all deserve a healthy alternative to all the sugary, high-carb snacks on the market.
At Wild Zora, we believe we can be in control of our diet and energy levels, eat healthier, and be happier!


Zora enjoying her Wild Zora snack outside