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Meat & Veggie Bars: The Perfect Ski Snack

Meat  & Veggie Bars: The Perfect Ski Snack

Colorado's 5280 Magazine recently featured our meat & veggie bars in their article titled 8 Pocket Snacks for Your Next Powder Day.  

The article listed Wild Zora meat and veggie bars as some of the best snacks to have while skiing in Colorado. 

Our bars are perfect for ski trips as they are light and easy to pack. We love the fact that they are soft even in cold temperatures. The balance of protein and carbs from vegetables and fruits give you great, sustained energy. They fit easily in your pocket and you can eat them during your lift ride. No need to waste even a minute of that perfect powder day! ;) 

Which flavor is your favorite ski day go-to? Let us know in comments or tag us on social media!



3 Reasons You Should Prioritize Protein On Hikes & Camping Trips

3 Reasons You Should Prioritize Protein On Hikes & Camping Trips

Don't forget to take proteins on your hiking trip! 

Here are 3 reasons reasons why you should prioritize protein on any hike or camping trip:

1. The enzymes in protein help regulate your metabolism. It keeps your adventure battery charged

2. Protein repairs your sore muscles after a long day of outdoor fun

3. Your immune system is strengthened with the boost in white blood cell growth that proteins give your body

So if you need a great tasting, easy meal to bring out on the trail, grab a couple of our high-protein Paleo Meals To Go! 😁

AIP Diet Has Never Been This Delicious!

AIP Diet Has Never Been This Delicious!

You don't have to settle for bland snacks and meals anymore!

When I first started Wild Zora years ago, I'm going to be honest...I didn't quite know what the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP) was! 😯

When I heard customers ask for AIP options and learned of the struggles they face with the elimination phase, I started to research about how we could help. ❤️

The AIP diet can help to reduce stomach inflammation, help those with autoimmune diseases with their symptoms, and so much more which is great!

However, finding AIP-compliant products can be so tricky, so that’s why we have made it our goal to help provide great options..from snacks to meals! 🍽


Shop AIP Friendly Meals 


Spook-tacular Pumpkin Spice Cookie Recipe!

Spook-tacular Pumpkin Spice Cookie Recipe!

No tricks, all treats. 

Is it actually fall if you’re not eating or drinking something that has “spice” in the name? Of course not. 

But when you’re on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet, sometimes that sweet tradition can feel out of reach. Almost everything sitting on the shelves contains extra sugars, preservatives, grains, or a bunch of bad additives that can increase inflammation.

That’s why, we’d love to share some AIP-friendly recipes with you so you can also join in the Halloween fun!

Click here for an AIP friendly pumpkin spice cookie recipe!

Wild Zora CEO Interview With DeliveryRank!

Wild Zora CEO Interview With DeliveryRank!

Our CEO and husband of Zora Josh Tabin recently participated in an interview with DeliveryRank about Wild Zora past, present, and future. Check out some key quotes from the interview and find a link to the full interview at the end of the post!

Q. Would you say that Wild Zora Foods sprung from a love of healthy snacking?

A. I most certainly would. It was impossible to find snacks in the grocery stores that didn’t contain oodles of sugar and carbs. The kids would get hungry whilst hiking and we would give them these bars that would more often than not contain 300 calories or more. What we didn’t understand was why the kids would be hungry again 30 minutes later.

It turns out that when one eats carbs and sugars, insulin levels shoot up and your blood sugar crashes down soon after which means you get hungry. What we were eating at home; meat, veggies and a little fruit, actually acts as a better snack and keeps you full for longer. But how many snacks contain meat, veggies and fruit? This is how we started out.


Q. What would you describe your core values to be?

A. We really believe that people should only eat food and that food should only contain food! Literally every product that we have only contains ingredients that grow in or on the ground. This is first and foremost for us.

We believe in balance, so we don’t tend to follow every new trend that surfaces from the increasingly complex world of nutrition. Some things always remain true, so we never use processed sugar, chemicals or preservatives, and our meat will never contain hormones or antibiotics – that would go against our values. Our products are clean and, in fact, having a “clean label” is probably our principal value.


 Q. What about the quality of your ingredients?

A. The quality of our ingredients is a major differentiating point. We use non-GMO & organic ingredients, free-range meat, and grass-fed beef, etc. We like to see that the animals have been raised in a healthy, sustainable and humane way, and we do visit the farms from which we source our products.

Q. How do you see the future of your family business?

A. Many company founders we’ve talked-to seem to think their lives would be better if they were no longer working, so they are looking for an exit strategy. We, on the other hand, LOVE what we do – helping people live healthier and happier lives – and so we hope we can keep doing this for a long time to come!

Click here to read the full interview!