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Pacific Crest Trail Service Day - Guest Blog

Pacific Crest Trail Service Day - Guest Blog-Wild Zora
It’s getting late in the season as many Pacific Crest Trail hikers strive to reach Canada before the snow begins to fly in the Cascade Mountains of Northern Washington.  Many of them have traveled well over 2000 miles on foot from the Mexico border to reach this point.  They have undoubtedly walked though many hot sunny days, climbed over many mountain peaks, and gotten rained on at least a handful of times. It is an amazing accomplishment to finish, and it takes a lot of heart and, sometimes, a little help. We love the thought of such a journey and wanted to put together a trail magic day to let these hikers know they aren’t alone out in the wilderness.  We wanted to give them some support both mentally and physically to accomplish this extravagant goal. 

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