Spicy Meat Snacks and Love: 4 Surprising Benefits They Have In Common

Spicy Meat Snacks and Love: 4 Surprising Benefits They Have In Common

November 16, 2017

What the world needs now is love, sweet love...  Being in love is an amazing feeling. Not only that, love is also great for your health. And shockingly, so is a bite of a spicy meat bar!

How is that possible, you ask? Here are four points to consider.

1. Mood Boost

We don't need to convince you that love enhances your mood. There is evidence suggesting that people in stable, loving relationship are less likely to suffer from severe depressions and anxiety. Hugging somebody you love releases the hormone oxytocin, known for inducing a feeling of happiness and euphoria. 

How do spicy meat bars stack up?

Capsaicin, the chemical that is responsible for the heat sensation we get from spicy food, encourages our bodies to release endorphins. Rapid release of endorphins gives you an elevated, happy feeling.


2.  Improved Immunity

The connection between love and health is a complicated one. There is statistical evidence that shows that people in happy, loving relationships are less susceptible to colds.  Another factor that has a positive impact on your immune system is the overall lower stress level you experience when you love someone. You could argue that relationships, even the happy, functional ones, can be stressful on occasion.  However, having a close, steady relationship can help you cope with stressful situations, so you are less likely to suffer from chronic stress. Chronic stress is bad for your health on many levels but it is strongly associated with weakening your immunity.

How does the spice keep me healthy?

When you take a bite of a spicy meat snack, you are not getting pure capsaicin. It comes from a variety of hot peppers. Peppers are nutritional powerhouses.  They are rich sources of many minerals, including iron, potassium, and magnesium, as well as vitamins A and C. Diet rich in vitamin C, especially, is known to ward off a seasonal cold.  As an added bonus, capsaicin helps clear out your sinuses and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.


3. Weight Control

When we love and feel loved, we less likely to engage in emotional overeating. We mentioned lower stress levels in people who are in happy relationships; chronic stress can really mess up your metabolism, resulting in unhealthy weight. 

Will that heat from spicy food burn away my extra fat?

Yes and no. Capsaicin tricks your body into thinking it's hot and in response, your metabolism increases. So, in a sense, spicy food helps you get rid of the excess body fat. Another benefit: capsaicin is an appetite suppressant. If portion control is a problem for you, try to add a little spice to your food. You will feel fuller and more satisfied faster. Quick tip: swap your sweet snack bar for a nice meat and veggie bar with a kick.


4. Pain Reduction

Love hurts... Um, not really. Presence of a loved one has shown to lower pain levels in people with chronic medical conditions.  When you feel loved and safe, the stress induced by pain lowers and so does your feeling of pain. 

But spicy food kind of hurts, too!

Spicy foods trick your brain into thinking your mouth is actually burning and it releases your very own painkillers - endorphins. They will help you feel less pain. Topically, capsaicin is successfully used to lessen symptoms of arthritis, muscle and joint pain.


All you need is love. And a spicy snack. Grab one of our convenient, spicy bars, so you are never trapped with bland food!

Whether you are a spicy or mild kind of person, we've got the whole30 approved, paleo snack bars you crave. Our low glycemic protein bars are tasty, wholesome, and the whole family will love them.  


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