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WILD ZORA – Wildly Delicious Meat & Veggie Bar

There's a new, all-natural snack called Wild Zora that's made in Loveland. It's already hitting store shelves in Colorado's Walmart stores, and the company is just getting started! Zora Tabin shares the story behind this home grown business. For more information call (970) 541-ZORA... (970) 541-9672... or visit the website.

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Clean Eating Magazine - CLEAN CHOICE AWARDS 2019 - Winners!

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"Simply add water to the convenient pouch and enjoy Wild Zora Cliffside Coconut Berry Paleo Porridge for a satiating breakfast. Using almond flour and flaxseed meal to replicate traditional oats, this protein-packed mix is ideal for travel, busy mornings or just about any time!"

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