AIP Assortment Multi-Pack | Wild Zora Foods
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This Multi-Pack includes all of our Wild Zora AIP options so you are stocked with convenient & delicious nightshade-free snacks and meals for every part of your day. Your multi-pack includes:

5 AIP Baked Apple Instant Hot Cereals
5 AIP Classic Instant Hot Cereals

1 Mountain Beef Stew Freeze-Dried Meal
1 Summit Savory Chicken Freeze-Dried Meal

8 Lemon Chicken Soups
8 Mushroom Beef Soups
8 Savoy Beef Soups
10 Mediterranean Lamb Meat & Veggie Bars
10 Apple Pork Meat & Veggie Bars
10 NEW AIP Italian Beef Bars

+3 FREE Air-Dried Fruit Mixes

You can see full nutrition & ingredient information for each of these products here: