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We are a group of natural food enthusiasts and healthy food lovers based on Loveland, Colorado. Our mission is to keep people healthy wherever they are or whatever their dietary needs might be by eating truly nutritious food without compromise. We believe that 100% healthy food should be more conveniently accessible away from the kitchen. We also believe specialty needs grocery shopping should be simple and easy. Please come and feed off our next generation food movement! 



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We are proud to house the former ShopAIP store and offer you so much more in this new marketplace!
You can safely shop for AIP-compliant products, while adding anything your family may need from our expanded selection.
We are excited to be working with small brands that share our mission of supporting unique diets. We know how hard it can be for small businesses to establish themselves and make an impact in the industry, so we want to do our part in helping them grow.
With our combined resources, our goal is to create an environment that encourages and supports these innovative brands. We’re looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together, and how much of a difference it will make for you!




ShopAIP was inspired by, and based upon, the Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol diet.

We still use the Paleo, Auto-Immune Protocol Elimination Phase and its four stages of reintroduction as the guiding light of our store. We have added options like Whole30, low-Carb, low-FODMAP, and many other designations to continue to help our customers easily and quickly find the foods that are right for them.


 Wild Zora

Wild Zora Foods

Growing up in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, now known as Czech Republic, meant growing up with a close connection to food for young Zora. This wasn’t just because at the time there was little-to-no access to processed and pre-packaged foods, but also because Zora is the granddaughter of farmers! Both her maternal and paternal grandparents lived on farms complete with abundant gardens and small livestock as they were easy to keep. She and her brother spent many summers working hard harvesting the orchards, weeding the gardens, and mucking behind the animals.

When it was time to learn to cook, Zora was taught to walk out to the garden, gather the ingredients needed for your meal and begin prepping. There was no concept of running to the store to grab something quickly, it was all home-made, start to finish. This way of living has stuck with Zora and it’s what helped inspire our very first products: the BBQ Beef, Parmesan Beef, and the Chili Beef bar.

In 2012, Zora, Josh, their son Adrian and daughter Abby landed in Fort Collins after 9 years of living abroad in incredible places like Czech Republic, Poland, and Cambridge. It wasn't until they arrived in Fort Collins, CO that they were introduced to American “healthy snacks” for their long family hikes.

Zora quickly realized that these bars were all low protein, high sugar and she wanted something better for her and her family and soon she started making the infamous Meat & Veggie Bars. In 2014 Zora introduced the bars to the public at the farmers market near her house and the rest is history…


Cusa Tea & Coffee

CUSA Tea & Coffee

Cusa’s founder, Jim Lamancusa, discovered his passion for tea while exploring the traditional tea shops of Hong Kong as a study-abroad student. An avid outdoorsman, he was inspired to find a way to enjoy the fresh flavor of loose leaf tea while backpacking. So, he set out to make an instant tea that actually tastes good. The resulting technology worked so well, he tried it with coffee.
The result is a beverage that tastes so good, it’s hard to believe it happens to be instant.
After months of trial and error with traditional dehydration methods, Jim found a completely new brewing and dehydration process based on botanical extraction. It could deliver a consistent, perfectly brewed cup of premium coffee or tea in seconds while retaining all the flavor and character of the ingredients.
We recreate the taste and experience of freshly brewed premium tea and coffee in just seconds. Our small-batch, craft coffee and tea delivers a precisely brewed, barista-quality beverage that’s free of chemicals, additives, fillers or excess sugar - right when you need it.
KeenOne quinoa

KeenOne Quinoa

Keen One Quinoa first sprouted in an unassuming classroom at the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business in 2007. Tasked with a class project on new product development, founder Christopher Algea — a cash-strapped college student at the time — decided quinoa could be an affordable, nutritious option over the empty calories of typical dorm food. His classmates agreed and the seeds of the brand began to take root.
After graduating, Christopher’s passion for quinoa persisted. He and a few friends began experimenting with recipes and sold their goods at local farmer's markets and small retailers. Their popularity skyrocketed, prompting Christopher to head to Bolivia in search of a source of par-cooked quinoa, which would help the small team keep up with demand — and keep the business afloat. On a double decker bus ride to Oruro, the heart of the Altiplano, Christopher met his quinoa match: a direct supplier of fair trade Organic Royal quinoa, which remains the primary source of quinoa for the brand to this day.
Since its inception in 2007, Keen One Quinoa has expanded nationally, selling both online and in stores around the country. Staying true to its roots as a bright-eyed college student’s convenience food brainchild, the brand continues to promote culinary creativity without compromise, using sustainable ingredients and sourcing fair trade organic quinoa to benefit cooperatives in the Highlands of the Andes Mountains.

Flatiron Food Factory

Contract Manufacturing and bulk supply for freeze dried food, including Federally-inspected proteins for emergency food, backpacking meals, and human-grade protein for the pet industry.
Growing-up in the Czech Republic meant growing-up with a close connection to food for young Zora Tabin. There was little-to-no access to processed and pre-packaged foods, and both grandparents lived on farms with abundant gardens and livestock that kept the family well-fed. She and her brother spent many summers harvesting the orchards, weeding the gardens, and mucking behind the animals.
When it was time to learn to cook, Zora was taught to walk out to the garden and gather ingredients. There was no running to the store to grab something quickly - it was all home-made, start to finish. This way of living has stuck with Zora and inspired her to start a food company using only clean and healthy ingredients.