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Eating On the Go is a Challenge

It can be difficult to stay on course with a healthy eating plan when at home and your kitchen is stocked with foods that support your health needs and eating goals. Traveling presents an even greater challenge to maintain your intentions to fuel your body with what’s best for it.

Wild Zora Meat & Veggies Bars are a quick and easy solution. Our ready-to-go snacks will help you feel your best on a plane, train, or road trip. Diet restrictions or not, many people indulge in food when they travel, but if you have Wild Zora snacks with you, you’ll have done something good to help you stay on course as much as possible. 

Have a Healthy Travel Strategy

When you’re hungry is not the time to look for healthy food options, so think ahead and bring along Wild Zora snacks to help you achieve your healthy travel goals.

Having Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars with you at all times when you’re traveling gives you good food options at your fingertips that will keep you out of the Famished Zone— When we let ourselves get to the point that we’re overly hungry, defenses are lowered and we’re much more likely to eat just about anything. Snacking on a Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bar until you find that healthy meal choice you’re looking for will help you stick to your goals.

Pack for Healthy Travel

When packing snacks for the road you want food that won’t spoil, doesn’t need preparation, can be carried easily when you’re out exploring, and that is also is acceptable to pass through travel security.

Wild Zora Meat & Veggies bars require no refrigeration or preparation, and they fit easily in your pocket, purse, or the glove compartment of your car. Our meat and veggie bars are portable snacks that come in single-serving size packages, so you can carry your Wild Zora meat and veggie bars anywhere you go.  

Healthful—Quality—Tasty Ingredients

If you look closely at the labels of the “healthy” and “all natural” snacks on the market, you’ll find the same grains and sugars you’re trying to avoid are replaced with alternatives that have nearly the same negative effects!

Wild Zora bars contain organic vegetables and fruits. Our lamb and pork ingredients have a soft texture, unlike dry jerky, and all of our meat products are sourced from small farms that we personally visit as often as possible. We know that the animals are on a healthy, natural diet and they’re treated well. 

Wild Zora’s Got You Covered

If you’re trying to stick to an AIP protocol, or just keep you and your children on a nutritious path, packing Wild Zora snacks can be your ally to eating healthy while you’re away from home. The temptations when you travel are often much more abundant, and you may even intend to indulge a bit—having Wild Zora’s quick and easy snacks readily available when you’re traveling can ensure that you enjoy your trip and don’t return home feeling that you’ve gone entirely off your nutritional deep end.