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Most fitness experts say that nutrition is as important, or even more important than training to optimize success. Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars are a quick and delicious answer to getting the right nutrition when you need it, before, during, and after strenuous exercise. Our bars are low carb and high in protein to keep you going, and to help with your recovery nutrition that will lead to the results you’re working for!

Whether you’re climbing mountains, cycling across the country, running a 10k, or RXing your CrossFit WOD strenuous activity requires high protein fuel to help sustain your activity level throughout your workout session and the day.  

Wild Zora’s original Meaty & Veggie Bars are a healthy alternative to all of the sugary and high-carb snacks on the market today. All of our tasty, low carb meat bars are grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, MSG-free and milk-free (except for our cheese recipes of course). All of our meat products are sourced from 100% grass-fed and free-range and each package contains one serving of certified organic fruits and veggies.

Post-Exercise Results and Recovery

The benefits of good post-exercise nutrition include improved recovery, increased ability to build muscle and bone mass and utilize body fat, reduced muscle soreness, and improved immune function. Studies show that good nutrition offers these post-exercise benefits regardless of age or gender.

An intense workout damages tissue at the microlevel and consumes higher levels of energy than when we move about with our daily activities. If good nutrition and rest are practiced to aid in repair after tissue breakdown and energy burn, the body becomes stronger, leaner, and more muscular.

Research suggests that while the repair process continues for at least 48 hours after exercise, it’s most beneficial to get post-exercise nutrition immediately after a workout. Wild Zora Meat & Veggies Bars are an easy and nutritious post-workout snack that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can easily be carried in a gym bag, your car, or a gym locker.

You may not be able to eat a full recovery meal for an hour or two after your workout—eating a Wild Zora snack immediately after a workout infuses the body with some good fuel right away. 

CrossFit Success

Your workout regime is only as good as your diet, and CrossFitters understand this. CrossFit athletes are some of the best all-around athletes in the world, and they tend to prefer a simple diet of quality food that the human body is designed to process and assimilate to make it stronger.

A high protein diet is key to properly supplement intense workouts and aid recovery, making Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars an ideal low carb snack choice. Our nutrient-rich, low-sugar bars help maintain energy levels and improve physical endurance.  

A CrossFit workout is hard. Choosing a high protein snack that’s convenient shouldn’t have to be. With a full serving of certified-organic fruits and veggies and tons of protein, Wild Zora bars are an ideal body strengthening choice.