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Best Protein Snack To Buy

You want to eat right. You know the benefits of snacks with high protein content. You head to the store… And there are too many choices.

Reading labels is time-consuming and confusing.  We put together a guide to help you make healthy choices.


100% Real Food 

We only put FOOD in our food! If you want to buy protein snacks that contain only real, wholesome ingredients consistently, choose Wild Zora, RX Bar, or Lärabar. These bars have no preservatives or "natural flavors" in them. Just food, plain and simple.

To avoid preservatives and other additives, stay away from Bricks Bar, The New Primal, Epic, Tanka, Krave Jerky, Perky Jerky, Cliff Bar, Mighty Organic, Wilde, and KIND.

100% Pasture Raised Meat 

Wild Zora only uses 100% pasture-raised meat raised without antibiotics or added hormones.  It's important to us that the meat comes from happy, healthy animals.

To get your protein from pasture-raised meats, shop for Wild Zora, The New Primal, EpicBricks, Mighty Organic, and Wilde.

If pasture-raised meat is important to you, stay away from Tanka, Krave, and Perky Jerky.

100% US Domestic Animals

We only use meat from local farmers. Why? It eliminates the carbon footprint of international transportation. It also allows us to check the farming practices and well-being of the animals. We know the animals are treated well, not because of a fancy label, but because we visit the farms.

To support US farmers, buy Wild Zora or Tanka.

Other bars, such as Epic, Bricks, The New Primal, Krave, Perky Jerky, Mighty Organic, and Wilde, use meats from other countries or unspecified sources.

No Sour Taste (Lactic Acid)

Many snacks on the market will contain lactic acid starter culture. It is a preservative that can be derived from dairy. If you can’t tolerate dairy, you can try to find for products that use a plant-derived lactic acid starter culture. Unfortunately, most companies don’t disclose the type of lactic acid starter culture they are using on the packaging, so you have to do your research beforehand.  On top of potentially aggravating your digestion, lactic acid tends to leave behind an unpleasant, sour taste.

To stay away from lactic acid, reach for Wild Zora, RX BarLärabar, Krave Jerky, Cliff Bar, or KIND.

If you are concerned about lactic acid in your foods, stay away from Bricks, New Primal, Epic, Tanka, Perky Jerky  and Mighty Organic.