Vegan Soups - French Lentil Soup with Carrot, Onion & Celery | Wild Zora Foods
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Ingredients: Non-GMO Lentils, Organic Vegetables (Tomato, Garlic, Carrot, Parsley, Spinach), Nutritional Yeast, Sea Salt, Savoy Cabbage, Onion, Lemon, Wine Vinegar, Celery.

Our French Lentil Soup is a delicious broth that boasts the classic French mirepoix base of Carrots, Onions, and Celery. The hearty Garlic flavor balances with bright Wine Vinegar and Lemon, and with the addition of protein-packed Lentils, this broth is a savory snack that will have you making cup after cup. C’est bon!

Add 8 oz of boiling water in a bowl or mug and stir continuously to enjoy a savory, flavorful broth with real vegetables and Non-GMO Lentils.

0.5oz/15g dry weight.

Our Soups have a shelf life of 24 months in their sealed packaging after the date of manufacture.


Why Are Our Vegan Instant Soups Better?

1. No Processed Meat Alternatives Or Soy

It's very common for vegan meals, especially packaged ones, to use soy-based vegan meat alternatives in place of real meats as a protein. Soy-based meats often contain chemicals that are similar to estrogen, so eating too much soy can be unhealthy for women. It is also one of the most common food allergens. Our vegan soups are 100% soy-free, so even vegans with soy allergies can enjoy this delicious and filling snack!

2. Quality Complete Proteins 

The proteins we DO choose to add to our vegan soups are natural ingredients like garbanzo beans and lentils that are considered “complete proteins”. This means that the protein includes all of the essential amino acids and is basically equivalent to the proteins in animal products in terms of health benefits. 

3. Delicious Dairy Alternatives

We wanted our packaged vegan soups to be just as rich and flavorful as a soup that does contain dairy without the need for a stove, so we used unique alternatives like coconut cream. Coconut cream is a natural ingredient and adds a sweet, creamy flavor to our soups.

4. Organic Herbs and Spices For a Flavorful Experience

Say goodbye to the days of choosing between bland vegan food or convenience; Our vegan instant soups are just as flavorful as any soup containing meat! We use only the best organic herbs and spices to ensure you are impressed with the taste as you are with the time saved!