Instant Cereal - AIP Classic with Tiger Nuts, Coconut & Cinnamon | Wild Zora Foods
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Ingredients: Tiger Nuts, Coconut Milk Powder, Shredded Coconut, Ground Cinnamon, Sea Salt.

AIP Classic Hot Cereal is just that, a classic & simple way to start your morning with ingredients that are safe for any phase of the Autoimmune Protocol Diet. The base of this breakfast is made from ground tiger nuts. Tiger nuts are a prebiotic superfood uber rich in fiber that tastes sweet and nutty. We also use coconut milk and shredded coconut for creaminess, richness, and texture! With a dash of cinnamon and sea salt for balance, this warm breakfast and ready to go in just under a minute. The natural fats, fiber, and protein will keep you satisfied all morning long!

Just add 1/3 cup of water or your favorite alternative milk & microwave for 40 seconds!

👉   We cannot accept returns on any opened bags of Bulk Cereal. If you haven't tried our Hot Cereals yet, we recommend trying the single-serving packets first 👈

The shelf-life on AIP Hot Cereals is 18-months.