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      Ingredients: Free-Range Turkey, Organic Vegetables & Fruit (Spinach, Dates, Unsulphured Apricots, Onion, Garlic, Celery), Spices, Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper. 

      Our Curry Turkey Bar is a nod to one of Zora's favorite cuisines, with lean free-range turkey and warming Garam Masala- a spice blend of cardamom, clove, cinnamon, coriander, a touch of cayenne, and sweet apricots for the perfect savory & sweet snack! 

      10 bars, net weight per bag: 1.1oz (31g)

      Our bars are never made with MSG, chemical additives, or added sugar and have a shelf life of 12 months in their sealed packaging after the date of manufacture.


      Why Are Our Meat & Veggie Bars Better?

      1. Always 100% Grass-Fed, Free-Range, and Antibiotic-Free Meats

      Wild Zora is committed to sustainable agriculture practices when it comes to sourcing meat for our products. We always use the highest quality meats chosen by using our own high standards; not just by using USDA or federal regulations, which often fall short.

      2. Satisfying Healthy Snack 

      Many “healthy” snacks may contain vitamins or whole foods, but don’t actually satisfy your hunger or keep you full. Wild Zora meat and veggie bars were originally created for use on hikes and outdoor adventures where high-quality fuel is essential. Our bars will actually appease your cravings while also providing your body with protein and nutrients.

      3. Compatible With Special Diets

      All of our meat and veggie bars are Paleo-friendly as well as being gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and low-carb. We also offer multiple flavors that are nightshade-free and AIP friendly 

      4. Fruits And Veggies Add Flavor

      The addition of carefully chosen fruits and veggies into our bar recipes creates flavors that are familiar and fun. For example, our apple pork bar was inspired by sweet and savory breakfast sausage, and our Curry Turkey bar with dates and apricots is a nod to Indian cuisine. 


      The Benefits of 100% Free Range Turkey 

      No Shortcuts For Animal Health

      By avoiding use of antibiotics, farmers have to put extra effort into caring for the health and wellness of their animals. They cannot use antibiotics as a quick fix when an animal gets sick due to inadequate living conditions, so they must do everything they can to prevent sickness in the first place. 

      High Quality Of Life For Turkeys

      The best way to prevent sickness and need for antibiotics when raising turkeys is caring for them properly by providing free access to open outdoor pastures with grass, shade, and fresh air unless the weather is a danger to them. By requiring that the turkey we source is 100% antibiotic free, it helps ensure that the turkeys were properly cared for during their lives and given a safe living environment. 

      Pasture Rotation Benefits Turkeys And Farmers 

      Rotating the turkeys into multiple pastures is a win-win situation for all parties involved. The turkeys get access to a larger variety and quantity of natural food, which means more nutrients and healthier meat in the long run. The rotation also allows time for the grass and foliage in the pastures to grow back and not become depleted by constant feeding. 

      Humane Processing 

      The Turkey used in Wild Zora products is also required to be processed in a humane manner by a USDA-certified facility. Frequent audits are conducted by third-parties to make sure that these facilities are following welfare guidelines. 

      Absolutely No Additives

      Some factory-raised turkeys labeled “basted” or “self-basted” are injected with a solution including ingredients like butter, salt, hydrogenated soy or corn oil. The solution is meant to make the turkey have a better flavor and texture, but it also makes the meat less calorie and protein dense because they contain excess water. In addition to being 100% antibiotic free, the turkey we source is also 100% additive free.

      Healthy Meals Made With Real People In Mind 

      Our goal at Wild Zora is to provide high-quality, delicious snack and meal options that everyone can enjoy at home and on the go. We want to provide our customers with more flavorful, nutritious, and easier meal options than ever before. 

      Not Sure About Us Yet?

      Our products are made only with real food and no preservatives, which means they are subject to the elements during the shipping process. Regardless, we want everyone who purchases Wild Zora products to be happy with their decision to do so. Give our products a try and if you aren't satisfied, contact us within 30 days and we’ll make it right.