Whole30 Snacks & Approved Foods - Protein Bars by Wild Zora


Wild Zora has four flavors certified by Whole30®


Introduce your Whole30 Challenge to Wild Zora

The Whole30 Challenge is a nutritional program in which you focus on eating real unprocessed food without additives for 30 days. During the Challenge, you avoid all grains, added sugars, alcohol, legumes, dairy, MSG and sulfites. By cutting out these processed foods, you’ll curb unhealthy cravings and habits, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system.

At Wild Zora, we have many of the same values as the Whole30 program and want to provide you with real food to nourish your body. Our protein bars are officially Whole30 Approved because we only use natural, high quality ingredients that grow in or on the ground. With Wild Zora Meat & Veggie protein bars, you never have to worry about grains or processed sugars or chemical additives. For this reason, our Whole30 snack bars are hugely popular.

If you’re doing - or have done - a Whole30 Challenge, you know that sticking to the diet takes a good deal of planning and preparation. Wild Zora Whole30 snack bars offer a great option for those moments when you might not have time to prep a whole meal or healthy bite to eat. Easy to pack, nutrient-rich and always delicious, our Whole30 snacks and protein bars will keep you on track and help you rise to the challenge!


whole30 approved protein bars