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Your body will thank you for feeding it clean, wholesome ingredients. Your tastebuds will rejoice when you treat them to the rich, meaty and flavorful Wild Zora meat & veggie bar. Our Whole30 approved, low-glycemic protein bars are the paleo snacks to buy if you're looking for a healthy energy-boost, any time of day.
Not sure what protein bar is best for you? Check out this list of the best protein bars to buy to see how Wild Zora Bars measure up to the competition.

A high-protein snack that fits in your pocket, Wild Zora is your perfect travel companion, desk snack, or hiking fuel!

No grains, no soy, no dairy

Organic vegetables
100% Grass-fed beef
No added sugar
Minimally processed dried fruits (no sulfates)
Free-range turkey
No preservatives
Locally-sourced meats 
All natural lamb

Try one of the six flavors certified by the Paleo foundation

Chili Beef Bars with Kale, Apricot, & Cayenne Pepper

Spice up your life! Say goodbye to bland, boring snacks. With pleasant, soft texture and the perfect balance of sweetness and heat, Chili bars will quickly become your spice fix.

BBQ Beef Bars with Kale, Tomato, & Red Bell Pepper

Who knew healthy food could be this tasty? Enjoy barbecue without feeling guilty! Zesty, with a hint of sweetness, BBQ bars are a paleo protein bar that the whole family will love.

Mediterranean Lamb Bars with Spinach, Rosemary, & Turmeric

Our best seller! Delicate lamb, well balanced with rosemary and turmeric, plus spinach, these bars are as healthy as they are delicious. Let food be thy medicine… and enjoy it! Nightshade-free and AIP friendly.

Curry Masala Turkey Bars with Spinach, Dates, & Cardamom


You will definitely  want to keep a few of these snacks in your desk.  Dreaming of faraway places? Close your eyes, take a bite and let the rich, warm, exotic spices take you on  a journey… High in protein and low in fat, flavorful, with satisfying texture, our turkey bars are a popular choice for many paleo enthusiasts.

Apple Pork Bars with Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

Our newest AIP friendly bar will quickly become your favorite!  Tender pork, combined with the mild sweetness of apples, gentle notes of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, with a hint of comforting cinnamon. This gentle snack contains no nightshades, onion or garlic, but still, packs a satisfying amount of flavor.

 Taco Pork Bars With Cilantro, Lime & Jalapeño

Who says healthy food is boring? All-natural pork, well seasoned with our secret spice blend, a touch of lime and lively jalapeño is here to prove them wrong.  Great way to spice up your snack routine!



I just wanted to say I'm absolutely obsessed with your bars! I swear I had one every day for the last year, and they traveled with me on many a hike. I love the flavor combinations you guys create, and the Turkey/Spinach/Cardemom and Beef/Parmesan/Tomato/Basil are definitely two of my favorites. Keep on being awesome!
My boys and I did a taste test last night on all 5 flavors to decide which ones were our favorites. Mediterranean lamb was a big hit with all of us, with curry turkey and barbecue beef coming in close behind! My kids loved that these weren't so chewy like regular jerky and I loved that they are made with health in mind. Will be excited to let friends know about these!
Hello, I just wanted to extend a heart felt thank you for creating a healthy, tasty snack! A co worker introduced me to your bars and I absolutely love them! They're so flavorful and I can feel good feeding them to my children.
Wild Zora is proud to offer such a wide selection of delicious paleo snack bars that are perfect for anyone looking for a low carb snack or gluten free protein bar. And, we're proud to say that each and every bar is made by us, at our facility in Loveland, CO. We put a lot of love into our products and we hope it shows. 

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