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Paleohacks Offer

The perfect paleo snack on the go! A snack full of flavor that fits in your pocket.

An exclusive offer for Paleohacks readers

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Get 16 delicious Wild Zora bars for only $35.88
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 You can enjoy our delectable snacks without feeling guilty  they are good for your body and the environment.  Wild Zora bars are packed with clean, wholesome ingredients that are sourced locally within the U.S. to avoid the carbon footprint of international transportation.  With Wild Zora, you only get ingredients sourced  from U.S. farms dedicated to quality produce and humanely treated animals.  We put good in, so you get good out!

Made with 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised animals mixed with organic veggies & fruits
our four Paleo flavors are certified by both the Paleo Foundation and Whole30!

The BEST Paleo Snack!  The Best Whole30 Approved Snack!

With four Paleo-certified, mouthwatering flavors and pleasantly soft texture, you and your family will quickly find a favorite.  Our AIP-friendly options make Wild Zora a savory snack everyone can enjoy!  Keep an eye out for two upcoming flavors, Apple Pork and Taco Pork!

A medium-spicy blend of cayenne, apricot, and kale.  Paleo-certified.  100% Grass-fed Beef.

A zesty flavor with tomato, bell pepper, and kale.  Paleo-certified.  100% Grass-fed Beef.

A tandoori-style seasoning with dates and spinach.  Paleo-certified.  Natural turkey.

An earthy flavor of rosemary and turmeric.  Nightshade-free and AIP friendly.  Natural lamb.


    25% off our Paleo Multi-Pack for Paleohacks readers!

    Get 16 delicious Wild Zora bars for only $35.88
    (and FREE shipping!)


    100% Real Food


    AIP Options

    100% Pastured Meat



    U.S. Domestic Animals


    Whole30 Approved

    Organic Fruits & Veggies

    No Added Sugar/Sweeteners

    No Preservatives

    We only put FOOD in our food!

    Here is exactly what goes into a sleeve of Wild Zora Chili bars.  As you can see, everything (except perhaps the sea salt) GROWS in or on the ground!  It's just food -- without chemicals, additives, sweeteners, or anything you can't pronounce!
    Meat shrinks ~50%, but our organic veggies lose ~90% of their fresh weight when dehydrated, so you can see, there's a lot of food in our food!
    When you try some, you'll get all those healthy vitamins & minerals, fiber, and balanced nutrition!


    Exclusive: Paleohacks readers get
    25% off our Paleo Multi-Pack! Hurry, this is a limited time offer!

    Get 16 delicious Wild Zora bars for only $35.88
    (yes, FREE shipping!)


    Amazing snack bars!  Delicious, healthy and high quality.  We've ordered from them directly and purchased from Whole Foods.  My wife is on a doctor-mandated limited diet and these are about the only meat snack bars she can eat and enjoy.  I can eat anything but I love these too.  First choice for taste and ingredients, low sugars, salt, etc.  Highly recommend the BBQ beef and Mediterranean lamb.

    Hi Wild Zora, We absolutely love your Wild Zora bars!!!  We keep them at the house and office and share them with friends and coworkers often, and everyone always loves them.  We take them on strenuous bike rides, keep them at hand for a quick snack, and will be packing them in my hospital bag for during and after delivery of our first child.  Really happy to have found your product, thank you!

    I've been a vegetarian for about a year now but decided to taste your products since I love the way you manufacture it and the ingredients.  I really liked it!  I think the taste and texture is great.  The rest of my family are meat eaters and they ate all of it already.