High Protein & Low Sugar Snacks - Paleo Meat Bars from Wild Zora

Real Food

There are a number of diet programs that encourage eating more like our ancestral Stone Age caveman (or cavewoman) with plenty of meat and veggies, and cutting down or eliminating grains, starches, added or refined sugars, and chemical preservatives. By focusing on high protein and low sugar snacks, people feel better and stay in control of their health. Among them:

  • The Paleo Diet™
  • The Primal Blueprint
  • The Whole30® Program
  • Ashley Koff, RD - Better Nutrition, Simplified
  • Atkins Nutritional Approach
  • and many others, including many Gluten-Free and Grain-Free programs

But it can be challenging to find food on-the-go that is compatible with your diet!

And although there are an increasing number of “healthy” and “all natural” snacks on the market, if you look closely at the labels, you’ll find the same grains and sugars you’re trying to avoid are just replaced now with alternatives that have nearly the same negative effects!  Almost all grains and refined sugars spike your blood sugar levels, creating the negative health impacts that these programs are trying to avoid.



Wild Zora™ paleo meat bars are made of the same REAL FOOD that Zora, our Founder, feeds her family and friends - and that means MEAT & VEGGIES. These high protein and low sugar snacks focus on real ingredients for real people. Although she didn’t know it at the time, she created snack bars that are extremely low Glycemic Index (meaning, they DON’T spike your blood sugar), are high in nutritional content, give you lasting energy, and still TASTE GREAT.



We are proud to have our paleo meat bars recognized by several organizations that promote good health through good food, including the Whole30™ Program*, PaleoMagazine and Ashley Koff, RD.  We encourage you to learn more about these organizations!


PaleoMagazine was the first paleo diet print publications and remains the at the forefront of the Paleo diet revolution.  They espouse a holistic healthy living model that incorporates balanced philosophies on diet (primarily of meat and veggies), fitness, sleep, sunshine, community, (unplugging-from) technology, and (reduction-of) stress. Wild Zora's high protein, low sugar snack align perfectly with that philosophy.


The Whole30® program, it was established by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig in 2009 as a 30-day nutritional program designed to change your life in 30 days by cleansing your body of certain food groups (most commonly sugar and grains) that have a negative impact on your health and fitness without you even realizing it.  In their New York Times bestselling book, It Starts with Food, Dallas & Melissa address the unhealthy relationship many of us have with food, and show us how getting back to eating what nature intended can heal us both physically and psychologically. By designing high protein, low sugar snacks that taste great, Wild Zora is here to help you conquer your Whole30 challenge.

* Wild Zora™ Spicy and BBQ bars are Whole30™ approved, as they do not contain milk.


Ashley Koff, RD, considers herself a Qualitarian; she believes in making the best quality choice available at any given time. She created “The Better Nutrition Simplified Program”, a toolkit that makes good nutrition simple and accessible for everyone. The program offers easy meal-planning tools and video consults, as well as the “Ashley Koff Approved” (AKA)  shopping list, which helps consumers choose better quality groceries, supplements, and prepared food.


Wild Zora high protein and low sugar snacks recently earned a spot on the “Ashley Koff Approved” list, which means Ashley Koff recognizes our meat & veggie bars as part of a truly healthy lifestyle. We’re so honored, but we’re also not surprised. After all, our paleo meat bars were created with nutrition and quality in mind! No junk, just natural meat, veggies, fruits and spices.