Our Bars Are For You, Paleo People! - Wild Zora
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Our Bars Are For You, Paleo People!

Hey all you Paleo lovers, we’ve got your back.

Wild Zora snack bars are the original meat and veggie bar that are protein-heavy, low-carb and Paleo-friendly. A diet based on the types of primal foods resumed to have been eaten by early humans, Paleo is a way of life that we at Wild Zora love and maintain ourselves.

Our snack bars are made of the same REAL FOOD that Zora, our Founder, feeds her family and friends – and that means lots of meat and veggies. Although she didn’t know it at the time, she created primal snack bars that are extremely low Glycemic Index, high in nutritional content, and give you lasting energy.
But the best part is they taste great… just like our Stone Age ancestors would have wanted.
Watch Zora's Video to learn more: