Wild Zora Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Allergic Living

Jun 15, 2017

Loveland Reporter Herald

Founders of Loveland's Wild Zora Foods filmed at Fort Collins Sam's Club

FORT COLLINS -- The founders of Loveland-based Wild Zora Foods met up again Feb. 26 with the producers of "Hatched," a TV show about entrepreneurs trying to take their products to the next level. Read more

Josh and Zora filming "Hatched"

Paleo Magazine

Wild Zora – The Original Meat and Veggie Bar

"I love dried meats; in fact I’ve had a longstanding love affair with the fresh beef jerky my dad used to have sent to us after his hunting trips.  It’s tough to beat my dad’s fresh jerky!  But I have to say that Wild Zora’s original meat and veggie bars..." Read more

Food Business News

Is the world ready for Wild Zora?

ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Are mainstream consumers ready for a meat and veggie bar? The founders of Wild Zora Foods are about to find out.  Read more



Sarah Kay Hoffman Blog

Top 5 Paleo Bars

"I know that real foodists say you never need a bar to make it through life, but the realists say that yes. you. do. because, well, life. Life and the day-to-day are not slowing down anytime soon, so having the best options at your fingertips is crucial." Read more

Erica Finds Blog

My Haul from Expo West ’17

"Sorry for the wait, I’m ready to share some of my loot from Expo West. I went for 2 days plus 90 minutes and met with lots of great vendors – old and new."  Read more


Will meat and veggie bars resonate with mainstream consumers?

Ten years ago, it would’ve been hard to imagine the world’s largest retailer stocking bars made from ground beef, kale and cayenne pepper. Growing interest in emerging brands and unique, flavor-forward ingredients... Read more



Review From Navigating Food Allergies.

Yes, you heard me right we are getting a little wild!! Yet still staying healthy and gluten free. Do you like jerky, protein bars, and low sugar meat snacks that actually care about your health... Read more


TV appearance boosts Fort Collins couple's snack company

The founders of Wild Zora have had to explain what their meat and vegetable bars are ever since they launched at a Fort Collins farmers market in 2014.... Read more