Gluten-Free Snacks & Low Carb Protein Bars from Wild Zora
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Gluten-Free & Celiac-Friendly

Tired of not having any gluten-free snacks?  Us too!



If you’ve noticed, there is an increasing number of “healthy” and “all natural” snacks on the market today, but once you look closely at the labels, you’ll find the same grains and sugars that you’re trying your hardest to avoid. Ugh.


That’s why we’ve created the ORIGINAL Meat & Veggie Bar™. 

This gluten-free snack is chock full of real food. 

Made from 100% natural meat and organic veggies, Wild Zora eliminates grains, starches, added and refined sugars, and chemical preservatives.


Watch Zora's video to learn more:


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