Diabetic Snacks & Low Sugar Protein Bars from Wild Zora
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Healthy, Diabetes Friendly Snack Bars

Wild Zora has Low Glycemic options with NO ADDED SUGAR




At last, Diabetes Friendly Snack Bars...

When it comes to dealing with diabetes, making healthy food choices is essential to managing your blood glucose level and feeling healthy and well. Rather than restricting yourself, indulge in healthy eating with the help of diabetic snacks and low sugar protein bars from Wild Zora.

Packed with plenty of all natural meats (without antibiotics or added hormones) and organic veggies, our diabetic snacks cut down or eliminate grains, starches, added or refined sugars, and chemical preservatives. Wild Zora is the original meat & veggie bar that was made with you in mind. With low Glycemic Index, high protein, and low sugar feel free to enjoy your diabetic snack without worry.

Dig into a diabetic snack Wild Zora and know that you’re feeding your body what it needs and what it wants.