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      1. Why are Wild Zora Bars the best protein bars to buy?
      2. How do you determine the cost of your bars?
      3. Is your meat organic?
      4. Is your turkey and lamb grass-fed?
      5. Is your pork pasture raised?
      6. I’m looking for a low carb snack bar, is Wild Zora a good choice?
      7. Why do you say “spices” for your Paleo bars — why don’t you show all the ingredients?
      8. Do you have a Paleo bar recipe without onion or garlic?
      9. How much gluten is present in your Paleo bars?
      10. Do you have a vegetarian bar?
      11. What is the small white packet in the package?
      12. Why is your package bigger than your product?
      13. I found a hard bit in my bar. What is it?
      14. What is the shelf life of your Meat & Veggie Bars?
      15. What is the shelf life of your Paleo Meals To Go?
      16. Why don’t you put a ziploc on the bag?
      17. Where can I buy Wild Zora bars?
      18. Can I have a free sample or sticker?
      19. Is The Meat In Paleo Meals To Go Pasture Raised?
      20. Are Paleo Meals To Go Allergen-FREE?
      21. How Do You Keep The Rest Of Your Products Nut-Free?
      22. Are all Paleo Meals To Go Gluten Free?
      23. How Do I Eat Paleo Meals To Go?
      24. What Do Rehydrated Meals Weigh?
      25. What Do Dehydrated Meals Weigh "Pack Weight"?
      26. Do you ship internationally?




      Check out our chart that provides a very clear overview of the most popular protein bars available.



      At Wild Zora, we use only the highest quality ingredients in our meat bars. We make natural snacks for healthy people. 

      The main ingredients in our meat & veggie Paleo snack bars are:

      • 100% grass-fed beef (the most expensive kind)
      • organic unsulfured apricots
      • VEGGIES such as kale, peppers, and tomatoes (depending on the recipe)

      These real, all-natural ingredients raise the price of our paleo snack bars, but for a truly healthy snack, we think it’s worth it.  It’s also important to note that our meat dehydrates to nearly 50% of its original fresh-weight, and our veggies by up to 90%!  This means that our natural snacks have 3X the nutrition density when dried.



      Did you know that organic raised animals can still eat grains on a feed-lot (as long as the grains are “organic”)? We focus instead on animals who are raised as nature intended. Meat in our paleo snack bars is 100% grass-fed, completely natural and humanely raised on-pasture with no added growth hormones or antibiotics. While we pay attention to how the meat is labelled, we pay more attention to how the animals are treated. We believe that healthy and happy animals are more important than “organic” certifications.



      Turkeys don’t eat grass, but we make sure all the turkey meat in our paleo bars is free-range, meaning the birds are raised on-pasture and have the ability to graze, peck and roost as they please.

      As for our lamb, we once tried a “grass-fed” lamb from Colorado… but when the animals struggle to get through the harsh winters, it really affected the amount of fat in the final product; the texture wasn’t quite right and the taste was “gamey" and just not up to our standards for natural snacks. We now use an “all-natural” lamb from a local rancher in Colorado that doesn’t have the “official” certifications, but the animals have the ability to move freely in and out of the out-buildings, they look healthy and happy, and the taste is superior.



      To be clear, ALL of our animals are raised "free-range”, on-pasture, in the way they're intended.  

      Zora and I have traveled to visit all our animal suppliers personally — Zora insists on it, and really, it’s been an amazing education along the way.  We learned a lot about the meat label confusion. "Organic" is not the same as humanely raised. \

      You may know that commercially raised pigs often suffer in unbearable conditions.  The animals are confined to tight spaces and often live in their own filth.  We were fortunate to find a group of pig farmers who treat their animals with respect.  The hogs have free access to outdoors, clean bedding, plenty of room and clean feed.  They are raised without antibiotics.

      Even at slaughter, which is unpleasant at best, we also see huge differences in the ways animals are treated; some of them treat the animals without respect and cleanliness at the end of their lives, and these facilities were also not respectful to their employees, which I guess should not be a surprise.  We will NEVER use animals from companies like that!



      Yes! Our low glycemic protein bars are a great choice. They aren't sugar-free for a very good reason. They're made with whole foods including fruits and vegetables that include sugar. But, you're getting all of the fiber and nutrients from those fruits and veggies along with a boost of protein from the beef, lamb or pork in your Wild Zora meat bar.



      In order to list an ingredient, the FDA requires you to disclose the exact amount. We worked hard to create our healthy snack recipes and it’s important to us to protect them. If you have concerns about a potential ingredient or specific spice, please contact us!



      Yes! Our new Apple Pork is Paleo compliant, contains no nightshade, so it's suitable for AIP and has no garlic or onions. If you've been searching for AIP snacks that taste great and that the kids will love, you've found them. 



      We test our products regularly and have never shown a single reading of gluten (on equipment capable of seeing amounts of 4 parts per million or greater). In order to write “gluten-free certified” on a label, products must be anywhere under 10-20 ppm. We are proud that ingredients containing gluten are not allowed inside our production facility -- at any time or for any reason -- so that we can continue to avoid gluten in all our natural snacks. If you are looking for a gluten free, low carb protein bar, Wild Zora meat bars are for you!



      Wild Zora does not offer a vegetarian bar. We believe that a healthy, balanced diet is built on veggies and healthy proteins in their natural form, including meat. We apologize if this means we cannot accommodate your diet.



      The small white packet is an oxygen scavenger that allows us to increase the shelf life of our natural snacks, without adding preservatives. The packet is non-toxic and the contents do not come into contact with the food. But please do not eat this packet!



      We have designed the package to be as small as possible, while still sealing safely to protect your food. We’re not trying to trick you into thinking the product is bigger than it is -- it’s simply a reality of manufacturing consistently and safely. We also use the most recyclable commercial plastic available (polyethylene) to lower our environmental impact.



      Our product is made out of real food, no whey protein or lab experiments here! We grind up REAL meat and fresh fruit in our healthy snacks so bone and fruit pit fragments are a possibility. It’s not glamorous, but it’s a reality of all natural snack food and we think it’s worth it. If you’re worried, chew slowly.



      Our bars don’t contain any chemical preservatives, so they only last about 9-months from manufacture… but hopefully that’s enough time for you to eat it! It’s best to store natural snacks in a cool, dry place such as a basement or a pantry.



      The freeze-dried meat & veggies used to manufacture Paleo Meals To Go backpacking meals have a shelf life of 2-years from manufacture. Each meal includes a 200cc oxygen absorber packet, reducing the oxygen level in the surrounding atmosphere to 0.01%. We base the shelf life estimates of our products on several factors including the shelf life of ingredients comprising the meals, microbial testing, and organoleptic testing. 



      Wild Zora bars need to be consumed upon opening the package. Our ingredients are fresh and contain no preservatives, which means that as an all natural snack they can spoil and mold once they’re exposed to oxygen. If you ever find a package with a compromised seal, please contact us immediately.



      Wild Zora is sold in over 500 stores throughout the USA. Please check out our store locator to find distributors near you, or simply order our healthy snacks online here.



      We would love to give away free things, but as a young, family-owned business, we are working hard to grow and aren’t quite at the give-away stage. Keep supporting Wild Zora paleo bars and help us get to that point!



      Prior to us acquiring Paleo Meals To Go in early 2018, the meat used was sometimes purchased from conventional sources. We decided to change that, and as soon as the packages change to show the Wild Zora brand, you can be sure that we ONLY use 100% natural, free-range and grass-fed animals. 



      All Wild Zora products are gluten-, grain-, soy-, chemical- and preservative-free. All our Paleo Meals are also dairy-free. Note that currently we do have some recipes that contain nuts -- but these are NOT produced in the same facility that produce all our nut-free recipes, including 100% of our snack products.



      All of our nuts are produced and stored in a space that is completely separate from our nut-free production and storage facilities. Each has its own independent ventilation system and delivery area so that there is no chance of cross-contamination.



      Our products are gluten free by design, meaning they include no ingredients which contain gluten. Paleo Meals To Go meals are produced in a USDA-inspected packaging facility that employs Good Manufacturing Practices to eliminate cross contamination. All product labeling has been approved by the USDA/FDA with the following claims: gluten-free, soy-free, milk-free, grain-free and some meals are also nut-free. Our meals have been submitted to the University of Colorado Food Processing Lab for analysis to confirm less than 10ppm gluten threshold and we routinely have them tested in an independent lab utilizing the Neogen Alert gluten testing process.



      Once you have added water to the package and rehydrated the ingredients, grab a fork or spoon and dive in. Skip the dishes and the mess.



      When water is added to the freeze-dried ingredients, the food does not expand  significantly. One might expect it to “puff” up, but during the freeze-drying process, the cellular structure does not change significantly, so adding the water back in creates little increase in size.

      One cup of water weighs approximately 8.34 oz. Using the recommended 1 ¼ cup water to rehydrate the Mountain Beef Stew, for example, the rehydrated meal will weigh approximately 13 oz.

      Most customers report feeling fully satisfied after eating any backpacking meal from Paleo Meals To Go. Some report that one serving of Cliffside Coconut Berry Breakfast is more than enough to fuel a vigorous adventure.



      PALEO FRUIT SNACKS Weight (oz.): 1.5

      PALEO MEAT MEALS Weight (oz.): 3.9

      PALEO BREAKFAST MEALS Weight (oz.): 4.8

      WILD ZORA 1.1oz BARS Weight (oz.): 1.3

      WILD ZORA 1.0oz BARS (Lamb, Cheese) Weight (oz.): 1.2




      We typically ship by US Postal Service (USPS), but other international shipping options are available and may be selected at checkout or by asking us HERE.

      Please note that additional taxes and duties for international orders are the customer’s responsibility.