Healthy Inside and Outdoors

Being outdoors backpacking, hiking, and camping can significantly contribute to overall health and wellbeing, but keeping your energy up and staying on track with your eating plan and health goals can be a challenge on your outdoor adventures.

Your destination may not be near a store at all, much less one with healthful choices. It takes planning and packing the right food to ensure your time outdoors is healthy and enjoyable. Wild Zora Meat & Veggies Bars and Paleo Meals to Go (freeze-dried meal cuisine) offer the right food that’s convenient and light to carry.

Whether you’re Paleo, AIP, or an Allergy Avoidance protocol, or just want to keep your energy up and healthy eating on track, Wild Zora has some delicious options that are quick and easy to pack for your time outdoors.  

Backpackers and Hikers—The Importance of Nutritious Food on the Trail

The National Park Service and outdoor experts advise that food and water are two of the most important things to consider when planning your hiking or backpacking trips. Taking off on the trail without proper nutrition can prevent hikers from completing their goal and enjoying the journey. In order to maximize success on your trek, it’s important to fuel your body with energy.

Calories Are Not All the Same

Calories are measurement units of energy that give us the fuel to maintain the function of all parts of our bodies. Calories come from carbohydrates (sugars); proteins; and fats. Carbs and proteins provide 4 calories per gram of carb or protein. Fats provide 9 calories per gram, so they have the most energy-rich density. 

Fats are more ‘energy-rich or dense” than carbs or proteins. Energy density is important when you need lots of energy and when you need to be conscious of the amount of food you’re packing. Wild Zora Meat and Veggie Bars and Paleo Meals  To Go have calorie rich fats for sustainable energy for short and long-term performance.

What to Pack for the Trail

It’s recommended to eat one snack per hour while hiking to keep up energy and replenish nutrients.

Wild Zora snacks are filled with nutrient packed ingredients that will keep you going strong and feeling great. When you’re following a nutritional plan, throwing caution to the wind and snacking on sugary sweet candy and grainy carbs on the trail for its calorie density isn’t an option. Wild Zora Meat and Veggie bars are convenient snacks to munch on to keep your energy up.

Our Paleo Meals to Go (freeze-dried meal cuisine) have a higher caloric density per ounce of weight to keep up your energy without having to carry the water weight in hydrated foods. They’re easy to prepare—no cooking, no mess, no cleanup… just add water and enjoy!

Camping Can Be Fun and Healthy

Marshmallows happen! … The key is having alternatives! Packing healthy snacks that fit into your and/or your families nutrition goals is a great way to counterbalance those camp treats, and to give those who need to stay on an eating protocol plenty of options. Wild Zora meat & veggie bars are delicious and an easy to grab snack to munch on when surrounded by temptation and far from replenishing with health options. 


The Wild Zora Difference

Our snacks and meals are packed with quality, healthful, and delicious ingredients—we use organic vegetables and fruits, and our lamb and pork ingredients have a soft texture, unlike dry jerky, and all of our meat products are sourced from small farms that we personally visit as often as possible. We know that the animals are on a healthy, natural diet and they’re treated well.

Indoors or Out—with Wild Zora you get nutrition, convenience, and great taste!