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      This Paleo Snack Box includes a snackable selection of Meat and Veggie Bars, Fruits, and Soups. Fill your lunch box (or the lunch box of someone you love) with a tasty assortment of gluten-free Paleo food!

      Your Snack Box includes:

      4 Filling Meat and Veggie Bars 
      1 Mediterranean Lamb
      1 BBQ Beef
      1 Curry Turkey
      1 Apple Pork

      5 Warming Soups 
      1 Picante Beef
      1 Tuscan Chicken
      1 Savoy Beef
      1 Tomato Basil
      1 Roasted Pumpkin

      3 Packages of Organic Air-Dried Fruits
      1 Harvest Organic Air-Dried Fruit Mix
      1 Orchard Organic Air-Dried Fruit Mix
      1 Tropical Organic AIr-Dried Fruit Mix

      You can find the full nutrition & ingredient information for each of these products here: https://wildzora.com/pages/nutritional-facts-ingredients