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      AIP Lunch

      Wild Zora offers a wide variety of delicious AIP lunch options. All bars and soups listed below are Autoimmune Protocol safe, and are: 

      • Nightshade-Free
      • Dairy-Free
      • Gluten-Free
      • Nut, Peanut, & Tree-Nut Free

      At Wild Zora, we strive to create AIP lunches that allow you to stick to the Autoimmune Protocol while on the go. These bars and soups meet all requirements for the AIP diet. The goal of the Autoimmune Protocol is to rid of foods that often trigger inflammation, gut issues or autoimmune conditions. Make sure to consult a healthcare professional for medical advice if you are looking to start the AIP diet.

      To learn more about the Autoimmune Protocol diet, click here.