Wild Zora Fall Free For All!
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Wild Zora Free For All!


by Joshua Tabin October 19, 2015

Wild Zora is the perfect high protein snack that will keep you powered up for any adventure in a healthy and organic way. All you have to do is grab a Wild Zora bar and go.

This is why we’re on the lookout for Wild Zora in the Wild. Whether you’re snowshoeing, riding your bike or with the kiddos, we want pictures of you out and about with Wild Zora.

Step 1 - Take a picture with your Wild Zora bar out and about.

Step 2 - Simply post the photo of Wild Zora in the wild to your social network of choice (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), tag Wild Zora and include the hashtag #WildZoraintheWild.

If you’re on:

  • Facebook-  post to our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/WildZora and include the hashtag #WildZoraintheWild.
  • Twitter -  tag @WildZoraFoods in your tweet and include the hashtag #WildZoraintheWild.
  • Instagram - tag @WildZoraFoods in your postand include the hashtag #WildZoraintheWild.

Then we’ll send you a free Wild Zora Bar!

Post, tag, or tweet and we will reward you with the original meat and veggie treat.

It’s Wild Zora’s Fall-Free-For-All promo so let’s go!

*Limit one per customer

Joshua Tabin
Joshua Tabin


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