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5 Reasons Wild Zora is Your New Favorite Travel Buddy

by Joshua Tabin January 27, 2017

5 Reasons Wild Zora is Your New Favorite Travel Buddy

We asked and you answered.  The number 1 most often cited reason people like Wild Zora bars is for travel and those times in-between meals when they can't find or have time for some REAL FOOD.
Here are the top 5 reasons why you need Wild Zora on your next trip.

1. Real Food
 - Oftentimes while traveling, access to healthy food is quite limited. We refer to this jet-lagged nutritional void as the Food Desert. Luckily, that Wild Zora in your bag provides more balanced nutrition with less sugar, grains and starch. It's also Paleo, Primal andWhole 30® Approved.

2. Handy - What better way to get some healthy sustenance than with easy-to-handle meat and veggie bars made from minimally processed meat, mixed with organic veggies and no artificial ingredients? You can take a Wild Zora bar with you and enjoy only the highest quality food ingredients on-the-go wherever you go.

3. No Chemicals or Allergens - Wild Zora contains no chemical preservatives or ingredients that you can't pronounce. We also have no added sugar or processed sweeteners, hormones or antibiotics, gluten, nuts/peanuts/tree-nuts, soy, MSG, or milk (except for our Parmesan Beef flavor). We also provide flavors that have no nightshades and are AIP-friendly (our Lamb flavor). That's a lot of No's that we're awfully proud-of. 

4. Energy - Wild Zora bars use only low Glycemic Index carbohydrates such as healthy, high-fiber, organic fruits and vegetables which provide you with longer lasting energy without the sugar high and inevitable crash. This comes in very handy while traveling, wouldn't you say?

5. Tasty - Oh and did we mention that Wild Zora Meat & Veggie bars are extremely tasty? That's the most important part!

So there you have it. The top 5 reasons why Wild Zora is your new favorite travel buddy. Try one on your next trip and let us know what you think! Some of you are already traveling with Wild Zora Bars and we love seeing your pics! To see some of the places Wild Zora Bars have been, click here

Joshua Tabin
Joshua Tabin


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