Can Wild Zora bars be cheaper?

Can Wild Zora bars be cheaper?

by Joshua Tabin January 22, 2015

We've been getting some great questions about our products...

For example, someone recently asked:

"I really love the idea, and i can't wait to try them. However, just from where i'm standing, it seems a bit pricey at $2 per (piece); that could repel people and possibly make them grab a Cliff Bar instead (since they're only $1). Just a thought! The product is awesome though. Only thing i'd like to see differently as a consumer, is just a lower price! 

I am actually really excited to try them! Will be awesome for when i go camping, and fishing!"


To which we answered:

"Yes, we're aware of the big price difference with Cliff Bars... but just look at their first four ingredients:

  • SUGAR (disguised as "rice syrup")
  • "soy protein isolate" (laboratory-processed soybeans)
  • oats
  • and more sugar (this time as "evaporated cane juice")

These cost pennies/pound. Whereas our first ingredients are:

  • grass-fed beef (the most expensive kind)
  • organic unsulfured apricots
  • VEGGIES (kale, peppers or tomatoes, depending on the recipe)

Our meat dehydrates to nearly 50% of its original fresh-weight, and our veggies by nearly 90% of their fresh weight, thus our products have 3X the nutrition density when dried. Our ingredients unfortunately cost $dollars, not pennies, per pound.

So while we agree that we wish we could be as cheap as Cliff bars and others, we've decided to take a different path and provide a product that we can feel good about feeding to our family and friends. Thanks for your questions, though, and your understanding. We hope you LOVE them when you have a chance to try them!

All The Best -W.Z.


This is the process:  

... of turning soybeans into this: 



Whereas, our ingredients grow in (or on) the earth:

Joshua Tabin
Joshua Tabin


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