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Great Whole30 Snack Ideas

by Joshua Tabin April 21, 2016

While the Whole30 program encourages challengers to eat only at mealtimes, the diet also recognizes the need for an occasional snack. If you’re hungry in between meals, go ahead and eat something to tide yourself over. You should never starve yourself. The important thing is to eat mindfully. All too often, we snack out of boredom or habit so just make sure you’re eating for the right reasons.

“The success of your Whole30 likely isn’t riding on whether or not you have a mini-meal a few afternoons.” - Whole30 101: Rules vs. Recommendations

If you’re in the midst of a Whole30 challenge and find your stomach rumbling, try one of these great Whole30 snack ideas:

A banana topped with almond butter and blueberries is a quick and tasty treat that is filling and packed with nutrients.


Buffalo Cauliflower Bites? Yum!
Recipe: The Wonky Spatula

Salmon Salad on a lettuce boat is easy to whip up and a great source of Omega-3!
Recipe: @Wholespirit.

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These Whole30 Approved Chicken Pesto Bites make for a delicious (and beautiful) snack.
Recipe: The Whole Smiths


We hope these Whole30 snack ideas help you stay on track with your challenge. And don’t forget that our Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars® are also Whole30 Approved and provide a great on-the-go option!

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Joshua Tabin
Joshua Tabin


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